Did you have a car accident  related injury?


If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident , it is Important to get help for your injuries as soon as possible. Pacific Highway Chiropractic , we specialize in helping victims  of auto accidents with their injuries.



The car accidents are the main cause of neck whiplash. Very often, the victims of whiplash think their pain is going to disappear with time, but on most cases this is not reality, the pain stays for a long time. Months, even years after the car accident, victims can suffer symptoms of whiplash:



  • Neck pain
  • Back Pain
  • Headache
  • Numb
Frequent symptoms after a car accident
Whiplash injuries can result in tearing of muscles and ligaments. This tear interferes with the body's ability to straighten structural damage . Curing spinal injury whiplash without adequate professional care would be like  healing a broken bone without putting it back correctly.  If whiplash injury does not receive adequate physical care with spinal adjustments , the body may repair the injured spine in a wrong position , and may cause chronic and more serious problems in the future .  We recommend treating   your whiplash injury immediately.
What can I do after a car accident?
Follow these steps:
STOP! -If you run after an accident, you face many charges of felony and is worse if somebody has been injured.
CALL 911 – Make a report, inform if somebody is injured, and call an ambulance if necessary.
Security - If you’re not injury, protect the scene with emergency lights. If your car is on the road, wait for the police outside of your car and on the side of the road.
Police –Insist the Police make an accident report. Cooperate with the police but do not make admissions or opinions . If there are witnesses get their names, addresses and telephone numbers and ask them to make statements to the officer. Get the number of accident report.
Identification - Get the information of the other drivers involved in the accident.  Get the license plate number or the vehicle identification number (VIN). If you can it would be very helpful to have copies to the registration of the other vehicles involved in the accident. 
Take notes - Write down everything you can to help you remember all the events leading to the accident. It is very important that you report your injuries to us as soon as possible after the accident.
Will be pleased to refer you to a competent and honest lawyer who can protect your rights and get a fair solution, once you have completed your medical treatment.


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